Students must maintain a B average throughout the program. Students must earn a grade of B or better in all required courses that will be used to fulfill graduation/program requirements.   Note: A grade of B- or below does not have to be retaken if that course is not being used to fulfill graduation/program requirements.

Graduate students must meet all of the following criteria to maintain satisfactory progress:

  • Maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA.
  • Advance to candidacy and complete the degree within limitations established by UCI’s Graduate Council.
  • Receive grades of B or better.
  • Enroll in at least 12 graduate or upper-division units of credit each quarter, including credit for supervised teaching and research, unless part-time status or an academic leave of absence has been approved in advance by the Graduate Dean. In cases of approved part-time status, enrollment in eight 8 or fewer units of credit toward the degree is expected each quarter.
  • Satisfactory progress towards the degree as determined by the student’s faculty advisor, committee, or academic unit.
  • If students earn  a B- or below in any core course, the core course MUST be retaken or supplemented with another appropriate core course.
  • Students can repeat up to 8 units of B- or below to reflect in their GPA. Ex: if a student fails CS 222p and repeats CS 222p with a passing grade, the passing grade will replace the failed grade in the cumulative GPA.
  • If a student fails an elective requirement, he/she may elect to take another elective to use towards their MCS program requirements. (The Grade from the failing elective will still reflect in the cumulative GPA regardless of it is counts towards the requirements).

Note: The professional judgment of the faculty, upon review of all graduate work undertaken by the student, is paramount, and the faculty of a particular academic unit may establish more restrictive criteria for satisfactory academic progress. Graduate students must maintain satisfactory academic progress to be eligible for any academic appointment/employment, fellowship support, or other awards.


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