Summer Internships

Assignments and Evaluation Forms (CS298P)

Throughout the internship experience, students are expected to complete the following forms and evaluations in order to receive “Satisfactory” marks in their CS298P courses.  Employers are encouraged to complete the following form and evaluations to support the student’s professional growth and career development as tech professionals entering the industry.

For Employers

These forms and evaluations will be consulted by the MCS Faculty Director and Career Development Manager to assess student progress in the internship.  They will also help identify areas where changes and improvements are needed in the current curriculum, and to help enhance the overall educational and experiential experiences for future MCS students.  

Internship Contact, Student & Employer Outreach

Jaclyn Kung, Career Development Manager, will be the primary liaison between the employer and UCI throughout the duration of the internships.  Jaclyn will also serve as a mentor to students and assess the academic merit of their work in partnership with the MCS Faculty Director.  Jaclyn may also reach out and keep in touch with participating students and employers to assess how the internships are going logistically, and solicit feedback on the internship assignments and evaluations.

For more information

Are you an employer who is interested in hiring a MCS student as an intern? Are you currently supervising a MCS intern and have questions? Please get in touch!

Jaclyn Kung, J.D., C.P.C.
Career Development Manager

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