A. Complete the following courses:

  1. COMPSCI 222P: Principles of Applied Data Management
  2. COMPSCI 250P: Computer Systems Architecture -or- COMPSCI 238P: Operating Systems
  3. COMPSCI 260P: Fundamentals of Algorithms with Applications
  4. COMPSCI 296P: Capstone Professional Writing and Communication for Computer Science Careers
  5. COMPSCI 297P: Capstone Design Project for Computer Science

B. Complete at least six of the following courses below:

  • COMPSCI 202P: Applied Cryptography
  • COMPSCI 203P: Network and Distributed Systems Security
  • COMPSCI 206P: Principles of Scientific Computing
  • COMPSCI 210P: Computer Graphics and Visualization
  • COMPSCI 211P: Visual Computing
  • COMPSCI 230P: Distributed Computer Systems
  • COMPSCI 232P: Computer and Communications Networks
  • COMPSCI 244P: Introduction to IoT
  • COMPSCI 261P: Data Structures with Applications
  • COMPSCI 268P: Introduction to Optimization
  • COMPSCI 271P: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • COMPSCI 273P: Machine Learning and Data Mining

Important Information:

*Elective courses are not offered every quarter/year.
** Courses must be completed within the MCS program only.
*** Courses must be passed with a B or better.


The two capstone classes (COMP SCI 296P and 297P) will be taught concurrently. These will be offered in Summer and Fall each year.

Description of the Capstone Element:

  • The design project will involve taking a new idea from conception to prototype development and validation.
  • Projects will draw on skills learned in several of the courses in the curriculum and will be initiated by computer science faculty or by our corporate affiliates.
  • Students will form teams of two-four students and their work will be supervised by both the instructor of the course and a faculty project mentor who will be involved in all aspects of the project.
  • The scope of the projects will include physical prototype development, appropriate testing and detailed documentation. Ideally projects will represent a complete system or product, integrating analysis, simulation, and software and hardware design as appropriate.
  • The professional writing and communication for computer science careers course will involve the development of design and detailed project description documents for the design project. It will also include assignments related to other aspects of their professional careers.


To ensure successful completion of the program, It is strongly recommended for students in the program to enroll in 12 units (3 courses) each quarter. International Students are required to be enrolled in 12 units per quarter.


*Subject to change without notice.

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