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Welcome to the Master's in Computer Science Program

Every conceivable field of study is experiencing the impact of the digital transformation. From manufacturing to healthcare to education and beyond, industry demand for digital solutions will only increase. The shift presents exciting career opportunities and challenges for tomorrow’s workforce.  

UC Irvine has recognized the necessity of equipping and empowering tomorrow’s innovators with forward-thinking technical knowledge coupled with practical skillsets as the digital world takes shape. Discover how our professional Master’s in Computer Science program can pave an exciting career path for you. 

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Employment Success

94% employed full-time within 3-months of graduating

Empowering Women

Nearly 30% of graduated class are female

Competitive ROI

$133,805 per year average base salary

*Figures are based on reported numbers by graduates of 2021. Alumni secured employment from companies such as Amazon, AWE, Meta, and Google.

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TechCoast Connections at Your Fingertips

Access to Professional Development

Abundant opportunities ranging from networking, internships and careers await MCS students. Southern California is home to hundreds of start-ups and household tech companies whose work impacts multiple industries. Learn beyond the classroom setting under industry professionals.

Occupational knowledge is just one side of the career equation. Enhancing one’s marketability and soft skills to navigate the nuances of work culture is critical to paving a successful career path. Learn how our professional development team coaches MCS students, giving them a competitive edge.

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